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Couples / Relationships


Healthy relationships are not 100 percent happy all the time, but there are some things that distinguish them from unhealthy relationships. Some of the main characteristics of toxic relationships are emotional abuse, physical abuse, lying and cheating, dislike or distrust. If you see these things in your relationship they should raise a red flag. Ask yourself, is this is the right person for you? Where is this going? 

Sometimes it can be as simple as poor communication skills. Or a life change that has thrown your relationship off, and you may need some help getting back on track. Sometimes you find out that you did know the person well enough, to jump so far so fast, and you might need to slow things down and and work towards creating common goals as a couple. 

If you need help because you are or think you might know someone who is in a bad or toxic relationship? 

Counseling can help you find a solution if a relationship is affecting your life in negative ways. If you're struggling to leave a bad situation, know that there are services out there that want to help. You can come out of a toxic relationship and go on to build a happy and healthy relationship when you're ready.

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