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Time to get help?

As a therapist for a very long time I am always surprised at what the triggers are for a client to seek professional help. It obviously varies with everyone. Why do some people hit the bottom before they are homeless, and others seem so powerless to avoid it. Did someone bring up divorce in the last argument, or did it finally cross a line and get violent.

Normalizing bad behaviors causes everyone to react different to any given situation. Excusing it, "it was a one time thing" "They have not done that in months" only allows that the problem to continue, and get worse. Effectively lowering the bottom on the problem, and continuing a slow downward spiral.

We could use our current political environment as an example. When is it okay to lie to the American People? How many lies are acceptable? How big of a problem do they have to cause, and how bad does it have to get? Where is our bottom as a country, to say no more lying, we demand the truth.

The bottom is when you reach the point that "Enough is Enough". Getting there sooner is always better than later. Ask a professional for help, start recovering now, not later.

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